The association arranges cultural events in Icelandic Sign Language for people of all ages, because culture is a part of the Deaf community and cultural events play an important role in the community.

It is important to arrange cultural events, as they have a social role in the Deaf community. The events offer participants opportunities to discuss the changes and development of the community. 

The association arranges two main events each year: Icelandic Sign Language Day and The Anniversary of the Association on February 11th; and International Week of the Deaf on the last weekend of September, as it is celebrated annually by the global Deaf community. Deaf people often call this day, Deaf Day.

During the main events, the association also arranges congresses, lectures and workshops regarding to themes based on the interest of its members. The goal of the association is maintaining a network for Deaf people in Iceland and organization in the field of culture, in order to make other cultural and artistic events accessible to sign language users.